Brylex Tours Information

Who is Brylex Tours?

My name is Bryson Schnaitmann and I am an anthropologist (someone who studies cultures) living in Connecticut, USA. As someone who loves traveling, I have wanted for years to share my love for discovering new places and having new experiences to others. I founded this company as a means to achieve that goal and to bring eye opening experiences to groups of all backgrounds. Brylex Tours is headquartered in Connecticut, however services are offered to all across the US and its territories.

Brylex Tours is owned and operated by myself, and I ensure the utmost care is provided to my customers. You will always have a unique and personalized experience when you travel with me. I strive to create a one on one experience with every tour goer and endeavor to provide the best tour experience possible.

What Brylex Tours Offers:

Brylex Tours offers point to point group tours for groups ranging from 5 to 20 people to many destinations both in the US and North America as well as abroad on all continents except Antarctica. I offer services to high schools, colleges/universities, churches/religious groups, corporate groups, families, and any collection of people wishing to travel together. Tours are designed for the needs of each individual group in mind guaranteeing a unique and memorable experience each and every time.

Point to point tours means that I will meet you at a designated meeting location, for example a local high school or business where you are located, and travel with you all the way until you return to that place.; including flights, trains, hotels, and so on. I will ensure that everyone is well informed about the itinerary and I will be there to assist should people have any hurdles they encounter. I am here to make this your most memorable vacation yet.

Who books your travel with Brylex Tours?

Travel (such as hotels, flights, museum tickets, and more) will be booked by a second party, however all payments will be made to Brylex Tours. Brylex Tours partnered with a travel agency, ALG Travel Services, in order to book all travel in-house. Brylex Tours will never defer travel arrangements to another agency that could lead to issues with travel. Keeping the travel arrangements in-house ensures that your travel experience is the best it can possibly be.

Having ALG Travel manage bookings and tickets ensures that an insured and reputable agency is covering your tour and your experience and guarantees a personal experience with a small agency instead of an impersonal one with a larger agency. The booking service also ensures that should anything occur, such as unpredicted weather events, mistakes on the end of hotels, or other issues out of the control of Brylex Tours and ALG Travel will be fixed to the best ability of both parties abilities quickly instead of waiting for a larger travel agency to respond.

Brylex Tours will handle the itineraries of all bookings, tickets, itineraries, and similar for tours for all group members ensuring the best possible experience for all simply deferring booking to ALG Travel.

Travel insurance booked through ALG Travel is included in all prices given by Brylex Tours, you will never not have coverage on your trip should anything occur out of Brylex Tours or ALG Travel's control.

Why Brylex Tours?

Personalized Experience:

Brylex Tours offers a guaranteed personal experience with your travel including a point to point tour, an in-house verifiable travel agent, and one-on-one group itinerary planning. Other agencies often provide an impersonal cookie-cutter tour to you and your group and don't offer point to point tours, instead making you fly and arrange transportation to the hotel yourself before they start the tour. When traveling with Brylex Tours, you will always be with me, Bryson, and you can be assured of a unique and memorable experience. You never have to wonder the quality of your tour guide with a company that can be hit or miss.

Cost and Honesty:

All tours through Brylex Tours are affordable and priced to meet the needs of the tour without unnecessary costs. Brylex Tours is always upfront about cost per individual and cost per group, we do not hide our tours behind a flat rate that is applied to a variety of tours. Tours are designed to your needs, and the costs are adjusted to meet those needs in the planning process. Each itinerary will include a breakdown of the cost of travel per member, what is or is not refundable, and any necessary financial information prior to any payments being made.

COVID Experience and Know-How:

Many tour agencies were around before the coronavirus pandemic, and many feel they can simply return to normal as before despite new variants, case counts rising at times, and new measures in effect. I have lived in two separate countries during the pandemic, been subject to different local and federal laws in those places, and have the fortune of being able to travel internationally and domestically during that period. I keep myself well informed of best safety practices, group size requirements, and local and federal legislation of wherever the destination might be in order to provide the best experience while also providing the safest one. Each tour, depending on size and destination, will have customized and personalized COVID-19 procedures in order to best keep each group safe during these trying times.

LGBT+ Inclusive and Diversity Friendly:

I myself am a member of the LGBT+ community. Unlike other tour agencies who may book trips to places less-than-friendly to LGTB+ people, I take that into consideration when I planning tours. I am also an anthropologist, and I understand the many differences that people can have even within a small group. Some people might have dietary concerns, or religious concerns, or safety concerns, and I am here to meet every need of my customers. Another tour agency might adhere to dietary concerns by offering a vegetarian option, but they will likely ignore other more pertinent concerns. Your safety and your well being, mentally and physically, are my top priority.

Bryson Schnaitmann